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Atlanta CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Value for money. Very convenient to use it. Just go 3 places you get the value back....Per saperne di più

  • Bought the CityPass deal for my trip to Atlanta. It included all of the fun things that you would do in the city....Per saperne di più

  • The city pas was so easy to purchase and even easier to use! Time and money saver and we absolutely loved every place we visited and might not have c...Per saperne di più

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Boston CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • It's super easy to get your value out of City Pass - my girlfriend and I did within the first 2 hours of being in Boston. Using the pass was a breeze,...Per saperne di più

  • With the CityPass it was much easier and economic. The experience was very good I recommend it 100%....Per saperne di più

  • Buying city pass for our trip was great! We saved so much money and got to experience a great portion of what the city of Boston has to offer for tour...Per saperne di più

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Chicago CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Very first Thing customer service is best and excellent secondly its worth to visit places in citypass it was a beautiful trip...Per saperne di più

  • I was surprised and impressed that we got to skip the lines. The exit is not as VIP, but it has been worth the purchase!!...Per saperne di più

  • I didn't know what to expect when I bought City Pass for a recent trip to Chicago. There were 4 of us: my husband & two teenaged grandchildren. Using ...Per saperne di più

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Chicago C3
4.5 / 5
  • This is the best when it comes to vacations for the family . I seen so much while there in Chicago thanks to City Pass . Will definitely purchase ...Per saperne di più

  • We bought passes for a girls weekend trip! So easy, highly recommend! Shedd Aquarium is a must see! Thanks Chicago for a great time!...Per saperne di più

  • We had a few days to spend in Chicago and were so happy to have the CityPASS so that we could go to the attractions at a reduced cost. It was so easy...Per saperne di più

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Dallas CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • I just moved to Dallas. It was a very good pass to get to know the city of Dallas....Per saperne di più

  • We had a business trip and had an opportunity to take in the sights… we wanted to maximize our time and CityPass was a great investment and guide....Per saperne di più

  • We are a family of 5 and going places can get to be a bit pricey. This was a great value for the amount of activities you are able to do. We broke the...Per saperne di più

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Denver CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Love the experience, it was easy yo use and we had no problem with any of the vendors....Per saperne di più

  • City pass is a wonderfully affordable way to see attractions in a city. We went to Denver and the pass was great! Very easy to order online, easy to...Per saperne di più

  • We bought tithe cintilases card and had an amazing time with every places we went to. We’ll worth and we saved a lot… Thank You....Per saperne di più

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Houston CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • I got CityPass for Houston short lines for each place I visited and saved me so much money. Excluding City Traffic everything was amazing....Per saperne di più

  • One of the best ways to save money and enjoy multiple of places. Highly recommended...Per saperne di più

  • I bought the city pass for my son, my wife and I. We paid $180 and saved a total of $188 had we paid for each event separately. We went to Houston Nas...Per saperne di più

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New York CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • Bought the tickets online for our trip to New York and it was so easy to use. Easily made reservations through the site and received my mobile tickets...Per saperne di più

  • The city pass was excellent very happy with it easy to use had no problems ....Per saperne di più

  • The Citypass is great so easy to purchase and very easy to use. I would recommend to everyone...Per saperne di più

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New York C3
4.4 / 5
  • I bought my pass on line. Was helpful and convenient...Per saperne di più

  • We crammed a bunch into our four-day trip to NYC for my daughter’s 15th birthday. The pass was convenient to use. I had occasion to contact customer s...Per saperne di più

  • I have used it evry time I ve been in New York. Simply amazing. Get great discounts in every atraction! Sure I will use it again!...Per saperne di più

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New York C-All
4.5 / 5
  • Having all the tickets decided ahead of time really helped me make my plans and saved meany hours of research. Made it to almost all available attract...Per saperne di più

  • I would recommend this pass to anyone. Very flexible and times can be adjusted after picking a time....Per saperne di più

  • I think it was a good choice, because I save some money on every attraction that I visited....Per saperne di più

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Orlando CityPASS
4.6 / 5
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Philadelphia CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Soo happy I did this as Xmas presents to my nephews. Will definitely do again!...Per saperne di più

  • When I did the research for a girls trip to Philly, this looked like a good deal but I was still trepidatious. often if it seems too good to be true, ...Per saperne di più

  • I bought the City Pass for 3 attractions and only made it to 2. Nonetheless, I still saved money. Plus the ease of using the City Pass aided in avoide...Per saperne di più

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San Diego CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Purchased the CityPASS for our trip to San Diego. It was so easy to use and so convenient. Plus it saved us a lot of money! Simply pulled up scan c...Per saperne di più

  • Our bookings were easy to use and had clear instructions. Thanks. Still waiting to use the passes. Bookings were easy....Per saperne di più

  • I bought the city pass for a Family (of 5) trip to Sea World. With the City Pass we also went to the San Diego Zoo, the Maritime Museum and the Midway...Per saperne di più

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San Francisco CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • I bought citypass for my family vacation. It came in so handy we got to use it both days and do lots of things with the kids...Per saperne di più

  • lower price and very conveniently. a good travel for us....Per saperne di più

  • Customer service was amazing. I didn't have any issues with the passes and entrances. I don't recommend the zoo but other than that the deal and opt...Per saperne di più

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San Francisco C3
4.5 / 5
  • Good and easy access to all the attractions, almost cut by half the costs AND it’s all in one ticket....Per saperne di più

  • This turned out to be a great deal and super easy to use. The pass offered the attractions we were interested in visiting and the tickets were easy t...Per saperne di più

  • I’ve used these for several years and I’m happy they are no longer physical copies. I can download the QR code for my entire group and add them to th...Per saperne di più

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Seattle CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • We’re so glad a friend told us about the City Pass. I helped save us money on our trip & allowed us to visit the various places that we might not have...Per saperne di più

  • I bought the citypass for comfort, variety of attractions and lightness in the tickets...Per saperne di più

  • i bought the city pass and save me alot of money and parking fee!...Per saperne di più

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Seattle C3
3.5 / 5
  • I bought CityPass for our family trip to Seattle. This was my first time using CityPass and it was amazing. We visited some great sites, the experienc...Per saperne di più

  • Great bang for the buck! Fun and educational for the whole family!...Per saperne di più

  • I bought a city pass for Seattle and I loved it very convenient and easy to go in the attractions I really recommend the city pass....Per saperne di più

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Southern California CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • We bought our theme park tickets through CityPASS and it was an easy and painless process. They offer great deals....Per saperne di più

  • I was a little hesitant at first didn’t know anything about city pass but everything was great. Easily used my tickets to get in and had a great time....Per saperne di più

  • Reasonable pricing plus great customer service and very helpful....Per saperne di più

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Tampa Bay CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • We were glad we purchased City Pass for our trip to Tampa. It was easy to purchase and use at the venues we attended.I highly recommend it. A good v...Per saperne di più

  • Worth the money The best Go for it We enjoyed it !...Per saperne di più

  • City pass was a great complement to our beach vacation. We got to see Busch gardens, the nicest zoo in the USA, the aquarium that inspired the movie “...Per saperne di più

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Toronto CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • I didn't use the CityPass service. I bought it but I had to give it up because I didn't have a schedule in one of places I would like to visit. The re...Per saperne di più

  • I was so happy with the City Pass …we fully enjoyed our time visiting all the attractions. It’s a great deal...Per saperne di più

  • My partner and I wanted to go to the science centre, ROM and aquarium, so we figured why not just get the city pass? We got to go to the CN Tower and ...Per saperne di più

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