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Atlanta CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • It was great already having the "CITY PASS" in hand. It made seeing the attractions very easy. If you're going to see Atlanta, the Pass is a super ass...Per saperne di più

  • We bought the Atlanta Citypass when we realized it got us into all the top spots we wanted to visit and saved us over $100! Using the barcode ticket a...Per saperne di più

  • La compre sin muchas expectativa pero realmente vale la pena. Recomiendo el acuario, world of coca cola, el zoo, Fernbank y Civil Rights. Son sitios c...Per saperne di più

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Boston CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Our family of 5 bought the CityPass to explore 4 places in Boston and I wanted to say, we really enjoyed it. Our CityPass included the Aquarium, a hi...Per saperne di più

  • I am really happy that I got the city pass which makes it more affordable to visit 5 good city attractions than getting separate tickets for each. Th...Per saperne di più

  • Well worth the money! Great activities included! This is a must buy!...Per saperne di più

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Chicago CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Worth purchasing! Saved some money and had a great time!...Per saperne di più

  • My family of 6 was in Chicago & the options for city pass were all places on my wish list. It saved us $50 per person ($300 total)! We did Museum of S...Per saperne di più

  • CityPass was great. Easy way to see several site in the city, without rushing from one to the other....Per saperne di più

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Chicago C3
4.5 / 5
  • Génial le faites de composé son menu d’attractions soit même sans avoir d’activités imposées...Per saperne di più

  • We enjoyed the architecture boat tour, Skydeck in Willis Tower, and Shedd Aquarium. I'm really glad we booked CityPass for the ease of having all tick...Per saperne di più

  • Great deal for my money! We had the chance to choose three of the most popular and iconic places to visit and every single one was great. A great way ...Per saperne di più

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Dallas CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • It was helpful and let us to save and it was very easy to use....Per saperne di più

  • Great value and easy to use. CityPass always has the attractions my family want to experience. We even received an unexpected perk with Perot Musuem f...Per saperne di più

  • I bought my CityPass for my Dallas trip and the attractions included made it totally worth it! I’ll even be buying another CityPass for my trip to Hou...Per saperne di più

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Denver CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • It's amazing a city the size of Denver can afford exhibits of this quality. Much larger cities are a distant second. We could have spent days looking ...Per saperne di più

  • Substantial savings, easy to access and easy to use…visited Air and Space Museum, Botanical Gardens and Aquarium in Denver…all wonderful experiences....Per saperne di più

  • We bought citypass for our couple's trip and had a great time as well as saved money...Per saperne di più

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Houston CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • I bought the pass and used almost all of the activities. It was nice to have one ticket for all the activities...Per saperne di più

  • I had a family problem and I could not use them for the estimated date, I clarify that I had not used the CityPASS yet. I called customer service expl...Per saperne di più

  • I bought the city pass for the second time definitely recommend. It's such a great deal....Per saperne di più

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New York CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • First trip to New York was a success thanks to purchasing this City Pass...Per saperne di più

  • I bought CityPASS for my trip to NYC. it was easy to make reservations and have all tickets in one place. My only suggestion to make this better is to...Per saperne di più

  • The City Pass was very easy to use and offered good value for money...Per saperne di più

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New York C3
4.4 / 5
  • Ho comprato il city pass C3, perché ha un ventaglio di scelta più ampio rispetto a quello con 5 attrazioni. È stato molto facile ed intuitivo prenotar...Per saperne di più

  • I bought a New York C3 city pass, which allowed me to book three attractions and cost quite a lot less than booking them individually. We got lost tra...Per saperne di più

  • I bought this city, pass a couple of hours before landing into New York and was extremely easy to manage and book for the Empire State building and St...Per saperne di più

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New York C-All
5 / 5
  • I bought the city pass all for the first trip of our friends in NYC…the best choice for 1 week in NYC! Bob, Juju, Kan and Fred...Per saperne di più

  • I’m happy I bought the CityPass C-ALL for my trip in New York....Per saperne di più

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Orlando CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • Purchasing Citypass was a great Saving and the absolute best way to do the Disney parks, it saved us around 180.00 per ticket x10 tickets....Per saperne di più

  • We bought a City Pass and it was an awesome thing to have !!!...Per saperne di più

  • Very easy to get tickets and much cheaper. The tickets were already ready to enter the gate...Per saperne di più

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Filadelfia CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • When I did the research for a girls trip to Philly, this looked like a good deal but I was still trepidatious. often if it seems too good to be true, ...Per saperne di più

  • I bought the City Pass for 3 attractions and only made it to 2. Nonetheless, I still saved money. Plus the ease of using the City Pass aided in avoide...Per saperne di più

  • I first discovered CityPass during a recent trip to Chicago. I was so happy to see that Philadelphia attractions offered one too! We saved so much mon...Per saperne di più

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San Diego CityPASS
4.8 / 5
  • We came to San Diego for the month I’ve November and planed to see the attractions. Buying the city pass made great savings. Our favorite was the hop ...Per saperne di più

  • Easy purchase process, great process at locations of use. Would use again and saved a good amount of money too....Per saperne di più

  • I got the city pass for my trip and it really worked out for us. We traveled with a 2 year old and it was perfect! I felt like I didn’t have to plan a...Per saperne di più

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San Francisco CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • CityPASS was a great option, fair price and excellent choices to pick, less stress too when you do not know where to go!!...Per saperne di più

  • Had a great two days seeing San Francisco. Loved it....Per saperne di più

  • Real money saver. We saw California Academy of Sciences, Aquarium of the bay and did the cruise. Totally worth it. Highly recommend!...Per saperne di più

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San Francisco C3
4.5 / 5
  • This turned out to be a great deal and super easy to use. The pass offered the attractions we were interested in visiting and the tickets were easy t...Per saperne di più

  • I’ve used these for several years and I’m happy they are no longer physical copies. I can download the QR code for my entire group and add them to th...Per saperne di più

  • Got to enjoy the beat parta of San Francisco at such affordable price....Per saperne di più

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Seattle CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • Great buy had great times got to see a lot of things for little definitely recommend...Per saperne di più

  • We were able to tour Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, and Chihuly Glass Museum all at a much cheaper cost than buying individual passes, and we ...Per saperne di più

  • This is definitely worth the money and gives you a great start for exploring the beautiful city. The cruise and Space Needle are must dos!!!...Per saperne di più

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Seattle C3
3.5 / 5
  • I bought a city pass for Seattle and I loved it very convenient and easy to go in the attractions I really recommend the city pass....Per saperne di più

  • We were in Seattle for a couple of days and got a Citypass which saved us some money. Easy to use. Would recommend it...Per saperne di più

  • Ahorro de tiempo en las filas de entradas y ahorro de dinero ,excelente opción para visitantes...Per saperne di più

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California del sud CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • I bought CityPASS tickets for Universal Studios Southern California buy one, get the 2nd day for FREE and wanted to share my awesome experience! Very ...Per saperne di più

  • I bought 4 tickets and happy about because i saved avlot of money...Per saperne di più

  • Les prix attractifs et la réservation facile nous donnerons l'occasion de passer par City Pass pour les parcs d'attractions de Los Angeles Californie....Per saperne di più

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Tampa Bay CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • I bought two citypass for my three last day in tampa and we spend very good time in zzo at lowry park clearwater aquarium ttopics boat where we have s...Per saperne di più

  • We enjoyed each place we visited . Time line of nine days was just right for us....Per saperne di più

  • We had 11 days in Tampa and wanted to make sure they weren't wasted so purchased the City pass. Had visited Tampa before but never been to any of thes...Per saperne di più

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Toronto CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • We purchased 2 adults and 3 children and we used 4 out of the 5 attractions. It was great to not pay full price for all of the attractions. It also he...Per saperne di più

  • We bought the city pass and it was the best decision of you like to explore museums and those type of attractions. They are easy to use because you ad...Per saperne di più

  • I bought CityPASS for my trip and I’m happy I did it!...Per saperne di più

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